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Leadership & Team Coaching
Designed for small businesses and leadership teams, strategy
and accountability coaching
is done with the leadership team and
is designed as:
  • Annual Strength, Vulnerability, Opportunity analysis with
    creation of annual or quarterly focus and objectives.
  • Quarterly follow-up sessions for accountability, motivation,
    celebration and tweaking for the next time frame.
  • End of year review for gleaning of insights and
    commemorating progress.
Strategy & Accountability Coaching
Targeted toward development of highly functioning teams who
have a specific focus or mandate within the organization,
  • Requires a team sponsor
  • Ensures clarity of Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and
  • Teaches project management, communication, negotiation
    and leadership skills as required while teams do the work
    they are assigned.
Team Coaching
"You focused us in a way no
other coach has been able to
do. You created a wonderfully
safe environment to talk out
every aspect of our business.
We walked away confident in  
revamping our practice to say
'yes' to business that falls
within our parameters and 'no'
to business that does not.
Your probing questions and
gentle, non-judgmental nature
kept the conversation flowing
and the creative juices going
throughout our time together.
Within days of our coaching
we received our
largest speaking fee to date!"

Marci Moore & Pam
Williams, Chief Innergy
Officers, Innergized, Inc.
You own your own company or you are a leader in an
organization. You spend a lot of time doing the work of your
business and not too much time stepping back to look at where
your business is headed, how it fits in with your life and what
opportunities are out there that you could seize - if only you could
create the space in your schedule to act. You are where the
'buck' stops and sometimes it's hard to hold your own self