Cushioning Constant Change
Presenter:      Beverly Bitterman
Company:       Beverly Bitterman & Associates
Format:          Keynote, conference breakout session or group
Program Description:
Learn about the 5 C’s for creating an environment where people adapt and thrive in the face of change. Explore Commitment,
Challenge, Control, Communication and Connection as vital elements in getting everyone on board with the change. Look at what
YOU need to welcome change as well as what may be needed to facilitate your staff or team in embracing an upcoming change.
Beverly uses customized examples and personal stories, and experiential learning to create a memorable ‘ah ha’ experience for
Learning Outcomes for the Session:
Participants will:
  • Experience a change and identify their reactions to that change.
  • Learn the 5 C’s of creating an environment that supports change.
  • Identify the connection between thoughts, emotion and energy and how they support or block change.
  • Create a personal action and accountability plan to embrace an upcoming change
Discussion Points:
  • Attending to the 5 C’s of change create an environment where change is accepted and even welcomed.
  • Paying attention to what you, yourself need, is a great way to begin to envision what staff and those around you need to
    be on-board with change
  • People come in all flavors of change receptivity; one size does not fit all.
  • Honor what was as a way to open the door to what will be
  • Manage your energy by managing your thoughts
  • Recognize and honor where you and others are in the cycle
  • Feel your emotions and let others feel theirs
  • Commitment to success (participants develop a personal action and accountability plan to indicating their next steps with
     the change.)
Beverly is an excellent facilitator.  She engages you in knowledge building and self awareness while having fun.  
She gives the learner "take homes" that are in bite size pieces, simple to remember and very usable.  Her stories
which she uses to drive home her points are very relevant and memorable.  She is a good presenter and has the
knack to work her audience well.  She really did her homework learning about our facility, our project and our
needs, which really added to a comfortable learning environment.
 Alice Lanford, Administrator, Shriners
Hospital, Tampa Florida