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Individual assessments can be instrumental within the
context of a development plan, career selection or for
personal growth.
  • The Trimetrix Assessment includes the DiSC personality
    profile, PIAV - a values assessment and a Competency
    Assessment. It provides an illustration of what drives and
    inspires you, how you make decisions and how others
    perceive you. This assessment also provides insight into
    your basic strengths and your blocks.
  • Stress Map - a self scored Map that demonstrates strengths
    and vulnerabilities in the management of stress.
  • EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Map - when it comes to people,
    it's not how smart you are, it's how you are smart. Having the
    skill to know and understand your own and other's emotions
    is fundamental to building a successful and meaningful life.
Assessments serve to direct future decisions, pinpoint
problems and issues and create a benchmark from which
to measure progress.
  • The Trimetrix Assessment can be used for:
  - Creating benchmark hiring criteria & interview questions
  - Team development
  - Employee development
  • All Employee Survey for organizational alignment
  • Focus groups to glean best practices and opportunities for