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...Designed for a lasting impact on productivity and
effectiveness, because competency development is insight
oriented and linked to your performance issues.
Competency Development
- often preceded by a formal or informal team
assessment to ensure that the training has the greatest
possible impact.

  • Facilitation Skills
  • Speaking in a Professional Setting
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Project Planning
  • Leadership Development
Brief Topics
- work well for conferences and meetings or as thought
starters for team building sessions.
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Competency & Brief Topic Workshops
"Beverly is an excellent workshop
facilitator. She engages you in
knowledge building and self
awareness while having fun. She
gives the learner "take homes" that
are in bite size pieces, simple to
remember and very usable. Her
stories which she uses to drive
home her points are very relevant
and memorable. She has the knack
to work her audience well. She
really did her homework for her
delivery of Cushioning Constant

Alice Lanford, Administrator,          
     Shriners Hospital