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Life & Career Coaching
...Create the sparkle -- reach for the stars!
Through my specialized one-on-one coaching, I guide my clients
to sharpen their thinking and vision by approaching old problems
differently. By changing perspectives and actions, they have
resolved challenging situations in both their professional and
personal lives.

This kind of coaching recognizes that we are whole people with
relationships and careers. Sometimes we get cluttered in our
thinking and need a place to sort out priorities and identify next
steps to keep us aligned with what is most important to us.
Life & Career Coaching
Targeted to those drawn to personal growth & insight,
coaching involves turning the stress in life into our most
valuable lessons.
  • 2 to 4 sessions per month
  • Approximately 45 minutes
  • By phone unless otherwise arranged
  • Works for individuals & 'like' minded groups
  • Often begins with an Assessment
"You helped me to define my
goals and put me on track.
You quickly go to what lies
beneath the issues at hand
and put them in logical
terms, thus helping me feel
OK with remind me
I'm not super woman, nor do I
have to be. You give praise
and tell me my strong points.
You are easy to talk to."

Jen Winchell, Interior
"The group coaching has
made a big difference. As a
result of the sessions the staff
have gained insights into
themselves and each other.
The end result is a more
highly functioning - motivated
team and better customer

Barbara Kennedy,
Kennedy Salon and Day
"As a result of coaching with Beverly Bitterman, I have been
able to realize a lifelong dream that has been siting on the
back burner for far too long. Beverly helped me make my
personal happiness a priority and gave me the motivation to
achieve my goals and shoot for the stars."  

Esther Grondahl, Singer, Songwriter, Educator