Taking Your Leadership from Good to Great
Presenter:     Beverly Bitterman
Company:     Beverly Bitterman & Associates; www.beverlybitterman.com
Format:           Conference breakout session, group coaching, full day workshop or retreat
“You do not have to be great to start; however, you have to start to be great.”  Author Unknown
Program Description:
What does “Best in Class” look like in your field of work? What does a ‘great’ life look like? What does it take to get there? Where are
you now? Where we are in life is largely a result of our talents, skills, personal standards, commitment, drive and how we think about
and process information and handle adversity. If you are basically satisfied with where you are with your life and career then you have a
‘good’ strategy. We can call it a ‘winning strategy’. If you desire more (clients, fulfillment, money, time, status, better relationships,
etc.), then you must know that the strategy that got you to ‘good’ probably will not get you to ‘great’. It’s time to stop and take a look
at your life.
Taking it from Good to Great involves getting clear about what ‘great’ looks like and then about what it feels like. Participants are guided
to put themselves into their vision and sense how they would need to ‘be’ in order to experience ‘great’ on a regular basis.
Beverly uses stories, experiential learning exercises along with mini lectures and group debriefs to help the participants truly ‘get’ the
shift from focusing on doing more of the same to ‘being’ who they want to become. This can be done as a workshop or as a group
coaching with individuals in similar jobs or on the same team. In longer sessions or a Retreat format, Trimetrix, a computer based
assessment tool is available to provide participants with individualized feedback.
Learning Outcomes for the Session:
Following this presentation Participants will:
ð     Understand basic elements of their current strategy.
ð     Define what ‘great’ looks like.
ð     Have a sense of what their ‘great’ life would feel like.
ð     Understand the difference between ‘doing more better’ and ‘being’.
ð     Define personal strategy elements to transform current ‘good’ winning strategy to ‘great’.
Discussion Points:
ð     The strategies that got us to ‘good’ not the same as those required to get us to great.
ð     Different qualities of ‘being’ are inherent in achieving great.
ð     Strategies include standards, boundaries, skill attainment and commitment.
ð     The road to great includes stretching your comfort zone, accepting risk, overcoming fear.
ð     There is no right or wrong, good or bad in either good or great.  The learning and the fun is in the journey.
“The group coaching has made a big difference at Kennedy Salon & Day Spa. As a result of the sessions, the staff has gained
insights into themselves and each other. The end result is a more highly functioning – motivated team and better customer service.”  
Barbara Kennedy
, Owner of Kennedy Salon and Day Spa