Emotional Intelligence
Presenter:    Beverly Bitterman
Company:    Beverly Bitterman & Associates; www.beverlybitterman.com
Format:        Conference breakout session, group coaching or full day workshop
Program Description:
Reasoning/decision making and emotion/feelings intersect in the brain…Feelings and emotion have a
truly privileged status and a powerful influence on reasoning.
Antonio Damasio, M.D., Ph.D.
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to sense, understand our own and others emotions and to effectively apply the knowledge of
emotions as a source of human energy, information, trust, creativity and influence.  Sometimes the hard knocks of life, the culture we
grew up in or just the way we are wired – causes us to shut the door on that emotional information. We can choose to open the door by
becoming aware of emotions and the power they have to create bonds between people, impact performance and shape who we are and
who we can become.
Beverly uses stories, experiential learning exercises along with mini lectures and group debriefs to help the participants truly ‘get’ the
shift from focusing on doing more of the same to being who they want to become. This can also be done as a group coaching
experience and works especially well with people in similar jobs or on a team. In longer sessions or a Retreat format, Trimetrix, a
computer based assessment tool is available to provide participants with individualized feedback.
Learning outcomes for session:
Following this presentation, participants will:
Þ      Understand the value of self disclosure in creating connections.
Þ      Experience relating to emotions of others.
Þ      Identify how emotions impact performance.
Þ      In a team environment, enhance the appreciation of each individual.
Þ      With the use of an assessment, identify strengths and vulnerabilities.
Þ      Commit to taking a small step toward a greater emotional awareness.
Discussion Points:
Þ      EQ defined
Þ      Virtual Date
Þ      Memory Box
Þ      Ball Toss
Þ      Areas of comfort/strength/vulnerability
Þ      Connecting the dots of emotional competence and performance
"Beverly's workshop on EQ took a refreshing approach to team development.  The dialogue and activities helped open the lines of
communication and establish a solid foundation to assist me in bringing together a new team during a period of tremendous growth."

Kristine Rizzardi, Mercury Insurance
, Clearwater, Florida